BMW Frankfurt Marathon

BMW Frankfurt Marathon expert talk: Valuale information about eating right and some great live cooking with Michelin-starred chef Sybille Schönberger

The 2nd expert talk of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon has set a new record. Over 300 guests attended the event about nutrition and diet tips for marathon runners hosted by the BMW dealership Frankfurt.

Michelin-starred chef Sybille Schönberger did some great cooking on stage and the nutrition specialists Sören Döbbemann and Kai-Uwe Kreichelt were pepperd with questions from the audience after their presentation. 

"My recommendation is: 1.4 grams of protein for each kilo of body mass every day", says Kreichelt. "Protein rich meals conserve and increase muscle mass. Don't forget to take extra protein during regeneration. Otherwise your body will take it from your muscles." To achieve a good acid-base balance he recommends: "Daily about half a kilo of vegetables for a runners with 60 kilos and 2.1 litre of water."

Döbbemann had another useful tip apart from the right diet: During training, he says, one should often run on different surfaces. So get off your usual path and try for example running barfoot on grass or (if available) on the beach.

September 25th: Olympic champion Dieter Baumann gets us in the mood for the BMW Frankfurt Marathon four weeks later. Register now: 

Photo: (c) Patrick Liste


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