BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Marathon kids and teens did a great job

It was bitter on the weekend of this year’s BMW Frankfurt Marathon and therefore understandably we did not have more participants at the Mainova Mini-Marathon than in 2011. But still: 2606 runners showed up and made it to the finish line. The fastest runners among the boys were from the SSC Hanau-Rodenbach. Kidane Tewolde finished the 4,2 km long run in 14:21 minutes just ahead of Jannik Trunk (14:22). The couldn’t crack last year’s course record (13:21) by Nico Sonnenberg but that will be a tough one to beat.Among the girls the 13 year old Gina-Marielle Schürg (TSV Friedberg-Fauerbach) again proved her talent. She finished in 16:25 minutes – a lot faster than last year when she was the fastest girl with 17:08 minutes. Gina-Marielle shared her win with Lorena Keil (LG Eintracht Frankfurt) who was the fastest under 18 year old.The youngest runners attended the Struwwelpeter run powered by Mainova the day before and pictures like this have never been seen before at this event. Covered and warmely wrapped in hats, scars, long shirts and long trousers the little runners defied the cold and the snow. Five runs over 420 meters (split up in age groups from 5 to 9 years) took place the finish line was in the Frankfurt Festhalle – exactly the same finish line where the marathon runners would cross the next day. Kamghe Gaba, the Olympic participant over 400 meters from Frankfurt was there as every year and the Mainova mascot did the warm-up.The year 2013, on October 26th, we are certain it will be much warmer. We can almost promise that.Pictures from the Mainova Mini-Marathon and the Struwwelpeter run powered by Mainova can be found on our website. 

Foto: © Mainova/Storch


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