BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Official ASICS event line of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2013

ASICS event line-shirt men

ASICS event line-shirt women

ASICS longsleeve men

ASICS longsleeve women

Pre-order now and get a discount!

Your are a registered participant of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2013?

Pre-order your ASICS eventline shirt now and pick it up at the Marathonmall in Frankfurt (October 25th - 27th). 
How to order: Send an email to [email protected]. Include your full name, race number, size and a permission to withdraw the order prize from the bank account you have already registered with us.

Your are not a registered participant of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2013? 
How to order: Go to the online registration and check the appropriate boxes during the registration process.

You can choose among these ASICS eventline shirts:

ASICS event line-shirt men - 25 Euro*
ASICS event line-shirt women - 25 Euro*
ASICS longsleeve men - 30 Euro*
ASICS longsleeve women - 30 Euro*

Fabric:     high-quality functional materials, 100% polyester
Colour:    blue and neon yellow

*Please note that these are the pre-order-prices. Everyone else can buy our shirts at the Marathonmall (October 25th - 27th) directly from our merchandising stands (subject to availibility) at the following prices:

ASICS event line-shirt men: 28 Euro
ASICS event line-shirt women: 28 Euro
ASICS longsleeve: 33 Euro


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