BMW Frankfurt Marathon on tour: BMW Frankfurt Marathon


Spring Marathon season has hit the ground running and chances are good you will find us representing the BMW Frankfurt Marathon at many international and national Marathon events at the expos and malls. Come talk to us! We are there for you and appreciate all questions and comment you can throw at us. Take the chance to register for the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2013. We are looking forward to your visit! 

This is where you will definitely find us in the first half of 2012:

•    Rom and Barcelona Marathon (March 15th/16th)•    Berliner Halbmarathon, Mailand und Paris Marathon (April 4th/5th/6th)•    Wien Marathon (April 12th/13th)•    London and Hamburg Marathon (April 18th/19th/20th)•    Düsseldorf and Madrid Marathon (April 25th/26th/27th)•    Mainz Marathon (May 11th)•    Kopenhagen Marathon (May 16th/17th/18th)•    Stockholm Marathon (May 30th/31st/June 1st)

•    Stuttgarter Zeitungslauf (June 22th)