BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Register now for the BMW Frankfurt 2013

If you register online for the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2013 before June 30th , you will just pay 65 Euro (or 70 Euro if you live outside of the European Union). After that the registration fee will rise to 75 Euro (80€ for non-EU residents). 

If you are interested in the VGF relay marathon you can register online as well. The participation fee is 130 Euro per team. After August 1st 2013 the fee will rise to 150 Euro – subject to availability.

And we always welcome the kids and teens who take part in either the Mainova Mini-Marathon (10 to 16 years) over 4,2 km or the Struwwelpeter run powered by Mainova (5-9 years) over the distance of 420 meters.

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