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There are new dates for the ASICS FOOT ID available now!

Let's talk 'your feet and learn how a biomechanical analysis and the right running shoe can make your run more effectively - there are new dates for the ASICS FOOT ID now available under

What is the ASICS FOOT ID?

Through this quick and easy process, your foot dimensions, pronation and footprint will all be measured, evaluated by highly trained staff, and logged into our worldwide database to match you to your recommended ASICS shoe. 

ASICS manufactures a range of athletic shoes for several different running environments and run types. To enhance your running experience it is necessary to better understand biomechanics and your personal gait.  

ASICS Foot ID system will characterize your foot to better suit your needs. ASICS Foot ID could revolutionize your next run. 

You can find more information in the FOOT ID brochure.

Or make an appointment right now and right here for your personal FOOT ID analysis.

The new dates for spring/summer 2013 are now available for booking!


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