BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Let’s have a blast! 90 party locations along the race course

We’re doing a lot to make the BMW Frankfurt Marathon a great experience and a fast race for you. But the atmosphere along the race course is what creates a different atmosphere for the runners. This year will will have the longest street festival of the year by having 90 party locations along the way. As you will see we even improved the most dreaded part of the race – the long stretch along the Mainzer Landstrasse – substantially. These are the biggest of those 90 hotspots that you will pass.

Platz der Republik
This is one of a few places you will pass several times and it’s probably the one with the best live music. There will be thousands of spectators and a stage with the hr1 band contest. Live on stage are the three finalists: Phunkophoic, Superphonix and Mixxed Up.   Opernplatz
The old Opera House will be passed four times. This is a spot with thousands of spectators, too. There is a large video screen showing live tv coverage from the race. 

The old Guard House in the middle of Frankfurt’s largest pedestrian and shopping zone is something you will see twice during the race. It’s a lively spot where you can pass through the Caritas Charity Gate if you wish. Food and drinks for the runners are served by local sports clubs. 

Eschenheimer Turm
The Eschenheimer Turm, a historic tower made from sandstone which used to be part oft he mediaval city wall. This is where the BMW Cheering Zone awaits you at kilometre 8 and 39. 

Rossmarkt und Kaiserplatz
At the Rossmarkt (the old horse market) we have a band called „Central Groove Agency“ playing. At the Kaiserplatz (emperor’s place) not far away the largest Samba band of Europe will certainly get you going. 

Goldstein und Schwanheim
Goldstein and Schwanheim are two suburban areas in the south of Frankfurt where many local clubs have their standst to cheer you on and get you past the half-marathon mark which comes shortly before the Schwanheimer Brücke. 

Schwanheimer Brücke
This is kilometre 24 and the Schwanheimer bridge is has to be conquered. But don’t worry: The „Musikhaus Taunus Combo“ will play just the right tunes for you.  Höchst
This is the old quarter of Frankfurt where the Frankfurt Marathon originated in 1981. A wild mix of brass music and samba rhythms will get you to the long stretch along the Mainzer Landstrasse. 

Mainzer Landstraße and Frankenallee
This used to be a "long way through hell" because from kilometre 30 to 35 not much was going on. But we have fixed that and placed ten attractions along the way which means music and support every 500 metres! 
Welcome back in the city centre - enjoy the last kilometres
After kilometre 36 you'll start your second round through the city centre and we welcome you with a big marathon party. This is where the large crowd and almost 20 bands will cheer you on. 

Festhalle: the red carpet finale
It's the highligt of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon when 7000 people welcome you at the finish line in the fantastic Frankfurt Festhalle - the more than 100 year old music hall. Enjoy the last metres on our famous red carpet. It's a party atmosphere with huge video screens where your name will be displayed. We have a DJ, light, sound and some magic. This is unforgettable. 

You can check out the party zones along the course on this map!


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