BMW Frankfurt Marathon

The water and refreshment points

The stations at 5km and 10km are lined up on both sides; all other stations are one-sided only.

Every 5km the order at each water station is as follows: Clock, medical aid, own nutrition, Rosbacher mineral water Naturell, Rosbacher Sport, tea, troughs with water to dunk in your sponge, litter bins. 

Starting at 15km
 there are moreover organic bananas.

 At 20km, 25km, 30km and 35km High5 EnergyGels are offered.

Refreshments (Rosbacher mineral water Naturell and troughs with water) can also be found at 12.5km, 17.5km, 22.5km, 27.5km, 32,5 and 37.5km

At 40km there is bizzl Cola.


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