BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Come And Volunteer – Be part of the TEAM FRANKFURT MARATHON!

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The BMW Frankfurt Marathon is one of the largest running events in Germany. This couldn’t be done without the help of our volunteers, many of who rejoin us every year. Again in 2012 we need about 2000 volunteers to get this thing off the ground. So come and join us at this extraordinary event to help over 25,000 participants make it to the finish line. 

You can find all the necessary informations in our volunteer guide. There are many interesting places and functions to support the Frankfurt Marathon. Check it out.

You can register online as a volunteer or send us an email to [email protected]. If you can’t – perhaps because you will run the marathon yourself – maybe your friends or family are interested. 

You will be equipped with the official ASICS volunteer shirt, an ASICS basecap – both to keep – and as a small thank you every one gets a very useful book of vouchers to redeem at the most interesting places in the region. There also is free food, of course, and a free ticket for public transport to get to the BMW Frankfurt Marathon on Sunday.


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