BMW Frankfurt Marathon

Introducing wave starts at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon

15,000 runners will be organized into three seperate starts

In order to provide the best possible experience for every athlete the field of 15,000 runners will start in three waves. That reduces crowding and wait times for everyone. 

Wave 1 with approximately 6,000 runners will be released at 10 am, Wave 2 (5000 runners) starts 10 minutes later and Wave 3 (4000 runners) leaves at 10:20 am. 

Note: There are absolutely no disadvantages to starting in a later wave! This is because - as always - athletes will be organized according to their projected finish time they provided on the application. 

Alltogether 15,000 athletes will take part in the Marathon - that is the current limit set by the organizing committee. The VGF relay marathon will include 1500 teams (down from 1700 in 2011) and starts at 10.30 am. The Mainova Mini-Marathon (4,2 kilometres) is set for 10:45 am with 3,500 kids attending.

The BMW Frankfurt Marathon is as popular as never before. By mid of July already 11,000 marathon runners had entered the competition, last year it took until end of August to reach that number, 2010 even October 10th. 


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