BMW Frankfurt Marathon

VGF relay marathon is sold out!

The quota of 1,500 relay teams for the VGF relay marathon in line with the BMW Frankfurt Marathon on October 28th 2012 is exhausted. Registration is currently not possible anymore.

However, with a little luck you can participate anyway. Currently, 370 relay starts are reserved for teams of business partners. If this quota won’t be exhausted, we will make this starts available to all interested parties again.

How to get on the waiting list?
 Send us a complete registration form of VGF relay marathon (download here) by post to motion events GmbH, BMW Frankfurt Marathon, Sonnemannstraße 5, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany or by e-mail to [email protected] and thus secure a place on the waiting list for the rest of the relay starts.

Once some of the reserved starts will remain, we will notify you immediately and the applications of the waiting list will be forwarded to registration according to the receipt date. No later than October 8th 2012 you will receive a notification from us, whether it was worth waiting and you can start with your relay team at BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2012.


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