Enter your team for the 2012 VGF Marathon Relay now!: BMW Frankfurt Marathon


You have always wanted to run a Marathon but the distance may be a bit much for you? You want to enjoy a great run with your friends? You would like to challenge your co-workers? You can do all this by simply enter a team for the VGF Relay Marathon.Each team has four members who together will cover the classic Marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers. The BMW Frankfurt Marathon and the VGF Relay Marathon will be run simultaneously on the same course which is divided into four legs for relay teams. Leg distances are as follows: 7, 9.5, 12 and 13.5 kilometers.  The Relay Marathon starts at about 10.30 am right after the Marathon runners have cleared the starting zone. The field will be limited tot he first 1500 teams that enter. To secure your entry you should register as soon as possible. Last year the Relay Marathon had been sold out by end of July. And there will definetely be no late registration possibilities this year!Entry fee is 130 Euros until June 31 per team; as of July 1 the entry fee per team rises to 150 Euros.To register online go to our website www.bmw-frankfurt-marathon.com. Corporate and workplace teams that want to enter more than one team are advised to use the group reservation registration. All registered teams will receive written confirmation by postal service no later than mid-October 2012. To track your official race times at the BMW Frankfurt Marathon and the VGF Relay Marathon you must have a ChampionChip. For each relay team only one chip is needed. The ChampionChip is fastened to the runner’s ankle with a velcro strip (included in your start package) and must be passed on to the next runner at the relay station. This allows you to see not only your individual leg time but the 5km split of the entire team as well.

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