BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2011 with a total score of 1.7: BMW Frankfurt Marathon


We want to thank all the participants who took part in our survey of the 30th BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2011. We got very interesting results which we want to present to you.96,8 percent of the respondents would recommend the event without restrictions, that is one of the dream results. In addition two-thirds rated the organization of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon with “very good” or “good”. And 86 percent rated the atmosphere along the course with the top two grades as well. The finishing line on the red carpet at the Festhalle was rated with “very good” by 79 percent of the respondents. Also there was praise from the participants for the more than 2,000 volunteers. More than 80 percent have assessed the support from the volunteers as „very good” and „good”. We achieved an overall score of 1.7 when assigning a grade for the BMW Frankfurt Marathon. We think this is a good result but we still keep improving.We will slip in some ideas and results to the preparation of the marathon for further improvement. We appreciate the willingness to give us any information, even about very personal related questions.Our top priority is the satisfaction of our participants and the survey confirms once more our commitment to quality.Overall, more than 2,000 runners of the BMW Frankfurt Marathon 2011 participated in the survey, which is a reliable data base for our conclusions.